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UNDERSTOOD: You've finally finished your 35mm film. We won't even talk about that adventure. All your credit cards are maxed, you owe money to everyone: family, friends, acquaintances, even some strangers”now referred to as partners. Basically, you're broke and desperate, let's be honest. Not only that, to make matters worse”you're emotionally attached to your film. Afterall, you poured your heart and soul into it. And for what? Ten cents and hour? You're lucky”you got paid.  And, of course you've been through or you're about to enter into: the film festival scene. What's that? You even won a few awards? Congratulations! You're an independent Filmmaker. Welcome.

Abintra Records Filmworks was founded in 1983. Our primary focus was the production and distribution of music. Today, the opposite is true. Our passion is feature films. Sorry, no shorts. Don't get us wrong. We love them, we watch them, we've even made them. In fact, we were nominated for a "Golden Palm" for Best Short, CANNES 99'.  But, we were just having a little fun. Bottom line: There's no dollars in it. They're great fun and a wonderful way to get your "chops" together. Do one if you must”then move on to features. And, be straight with your investors. Make sure those who help with the expenses understand the impossibility of making millions on a short film. In fact, even recouping your expenses is extremely rare.

Abintra Filmworks management and engineering team is comprised of veteran Screenwriters, Directors, Producers, Editors, Film/TV Music Composers, Sound Designers and Surround Sound (5.1/7.1 format) Motion Picture Mixing Engineers. We understand and share your passion for filmmaking. We do it for a living. If you have a completed feature film, and you're seeking a Distributor and/or Foreign Sales Agent”we'd love to hear from you. Please e-mail us and tell us about your film, who's in it (recognizable actors), festivals you've appeared in, and awards you have won. [email protected]


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